Remembrance is Key


As a dude you probably get asked by your bros “Do you remember that time when this happened?” And you sit there with no recollection of what he is talking about. I know this happens to me a whole lot, and it probably happens to you also. 

As a dude in today’s society you are probably doing multiple activities per week, with your bros, (that is of course if you have the free time, which I personally do not) in multiple places. When you are on these adventures are you making an effort to remember these awesome times that you are having with your closest friends? If you are not remembering these cool moments with your bros in your life, you have a problem, and you need to fix it.

When you are on an adventure with your bros try to remember the details of the trip. If you can remember the base content of the adventure such as who was there, where you were, and what you were doing you will be better off later when the subject comes up again. The key to remembering these things is having one big picture that was a unforgettable moment in your head forever. If you can remember that one big thing making connections to the smaller details will be much easier.

This subject reminds me of the book Oedipus Rex, when Oedipus is convicted of murdering Laios. He is trying to remember what happened but is having trouble making the big connection. Iocaste then tells him the big idea of what happened and he makes the connection that in fact he murdered King Laios. If he remembered the big idea he would not have needed the help of Iocaste.

Don’t be like Oedipus, having to be reminded of things that should stand out to him in the past. If you can simply be more attentive during your adventures, when that subject comes up again it might look a little something like this.

Jeff: Do you guys remember when we went cliff jumping?

Tim: Nah bro I don’t.

Ron: Nope.

Jeff: Me neither, I forgot what happened.

You: Well it was us four and James and we went to Colonel Bay to cliff jump. It was exactly 11:00 AM when we embarked on the magical journey. We arrived at  11:30, and immediately  started to jump. The rock was around twenty five feet tall and had the wildest view from the top. I jumped first and did a double front with a cork screw twist. Everyone one upped me and did some crazy maneuvers. Then Tim decided  to do the infamous double squeeze flame bearer. He preformed the basic pre- jump ritual ritual for this maneuver which consisted of lighting candles and getting deep into your happy place. But Tim forgot the most important part, he forgot to change into his speedo! This created a lot of air drag and caused Tim to belly flop. He was in intense pain and we had to treat him with an ice bath back at Ron’s house. The day turned for the better when Ron whipped out his Fast Times at Ridgemont High DVD and we enjoyed the film as brothers would do.

Ron, Tim Jeff: OMG! We totally remember that now! Thanks bro, Lets go to In- n- Out we will pay for you.

You: Don’t thank me, thank Dudeology!

This story is a great example of what could happen to you if you remember an awesome adventure that you took with you bros. You might get free IN-n-Out!! You never know. Remembering things that you did will serve as a great peace maker in your life. If you are down remember good things that have happened to you. One thing to take away from this post is if you remember great things you will be a happier person reflecting on those things and having fun with those memories. Dudeology.


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