DUDEOLOGY RULE #23- Please Dont Try Too Hard.

Trying hard can be a bad thing in some instances. Weather you’re trying too hard to tell a joke, or trying to dress to impress, dudes don’t like it. In the end, it will just be too much work, and too much effort to be judged. If you have close bros, than they will have told you you’re trying too hard. If not, this post should lead you in the right direction. I remember this one time where me and some friends were hanging out and I told a joke. I thought this joke was the funniest joke in this universe.. They thought it was terrible. I kept telling the joke thinking they didn’t hear me. They got mad and decided to make fun of my bad joke… This made me feel bad sure, but it reminded me of Dudeology number 23. So please remember to not go overboard like I did… Follow this rule and you’ll be alright.



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