Dudeology Rule #74- Be an Elevator

20131108-213205.jpgToday I went to the UCI vs Stanford water polo game at UCI. Stanford destroyed UCI by a lot of points to a little. As I was walking in the parking structure I saw this sign that said “Elevator” on it. You may think that this sign tells you where the elevator to take you up the floors is, but this sign has a whole different meaning to me.

An elevator is a person that lifts people up  and makes them feel bigger, and more important. Elevating other people is probably the greatest thing you can do as a human. When you elevate you take people to the top and you show them how great they can really be. Reveal their excellence to the world, make others feel better and you will feel happiness from their joy.

Don’t shoot people down, you may feel big and powerful in the moment, but when you look at the big picture all you are showing is weakness. Show love, it may seem soft in the moment, but after all is said you are showing strength. Hate has so much power, love does too. Hate will destroy relationships, while loves builds relationships.

Create bonds that will last forever by elevating the people that you love.Helping-Hand

Be an elevator, an elevator takes people to the top and makes them feel better than ever. An elevator does not bring people down to the bottom and make them feel small and unimportant. You can argue this by saying, “Well the elevator in a hotel takes people up the floors and back down.” Not this kind of elevator this elevator only works in one way, and that way is up. Just look at the picture at the top of this post, that arrow is pointing straight up to the sky. Also, look at the root word “Elevate.” The definition of elevate is “to move or raise to a higher position; to lift up.” No where in that definition does it say, “and it also goes back down.” That is one awesome elevator, it only lifts people up!

My ninth grade English teacher Steve Schultz says, “You live an elevated life by elevating the lives of others.” This is a very simple yet powerful way to put it. Bring people up, and you will be brought up too.

We need more elevators everywhere today. Elevate others and they will elevate too. Share what you learn and they will pass it on. Make a chain reaction of love and elevation. Be an elevator. Dudeology.


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