Attention to Detail


-George St-Pierre

Everyday I learn new things. But a very important thing I learned this week is, paying attention to detail. Details are very important in everything in life, be it a play for a sport team, or sentence in a book, you need to pay attention to every word, comma, semi-colon, etc. Every word has its own meaning and the words surrounding it can reveal its deeper meaning.

A lot of the times people do not dig deep into what they are looking at/reading, this only gives them a broad understanding of what is going on in the novel. I am guilty of this, especially when I feel too lazy to do something with intense thought and concentration. Usually when I read it goes through one ear and out the other, I hate when I do this because I know I am wasting my time. I know now that every time I want to do good in something I need to understand the meat and potatoes, but also more importantly slather on some juicy gravy. Dudeology


2 thoughts on “Attention to Detail

  1. After someone pays attention to detail one must also step back and make sure the big picture is what they want it to be or better. Great post!

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