Stand with your Bros, Together as one


On many occasions I have had to stand up for my bros when they are in an argument, in general issues going on in their lives, and doing things with them to make them feel safer. I love to help my friends with their issues because everyone needs people on their side. Without support people will always fall and never be able to stand up again. Everyday I try to support my bros, be it girl problems or other men being mean. When you support you bro he will feel stronger and won’t have to go through the process alone.

With a bro you have to be there for him no matter what. This is what classifies you as bros, going through the good times and the bad together. Real bros will do what ever it takes to be with their bro in a bad situation. They will stand up for what they believe in and will take the issue head on. Love your bro and never leave his side.

A bro never lets his bro do stupid things alone. I’m sure a lot of bros have heard this saying before. It is pretty self explanatory, if your bro is going to do something stupid and cool, then do it with him. This does not mean go jump of the roof of your house into a pool, not this means stay safe, but you are definitely allowed to do stupid things. I really like this saying because it pertains to my life in many ways, because I like to do stupid and amazingly fun things with my friends.

Always have your bros back, never leave their side, and never do stupid things alone. Dudeology.


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