DUDOLOGY RULE #86- Adaptation


I recently watched the movie Hoosiers. This movie is about a basketball team in Indiana that gets a new coach for the upcoming season.  I won’t tell you the whole story because I do not want to spoil the outcome for you. I highly recommend that you watch this movie, because it taught me a very important lesson.

Adaptation is very important in a dudes life, be it to a new coach, new people, new food, new women, a new surfboard, etc. The basketball players in the movie get a new coach and need to adapt to his style of coaching and game strategy. In one of their first games a few players decided that they were not going to run the system like their coach told them to. These attitudes resulted in a loss for the team.

Scene from the movie Hoosiers

Scene from the movie Hoosiers

As you can see, when you don’t adapt to the environment around you, you will probably fail in doing something. You need to learn to connect with your environment, plan what you need to do, and work your hardest to do it. If you do not adapt to what is happening around you, will keep on making the same mistakes over and over again.

Make like Charles Darwin an ADAPT!!! DUDEOLOGY.