ImagePeople are the worst. We are such animals, yet we created the term humane. We crave for the pain of others as we watch epic fails, or kids falling on bikes on Youtube. We are a two sided creature, sympathetic and full of sorrow at one moment, but at the next, selfish and repulsed by a homeless man begging for money just to get food in his belly. The reasons why we are why we are, I do not know. I do know that people long before us created society so grueling and selfish. Look at the French Revolution, look at the American Civil war, even the War on Drugs. People create it how it is, yet they blame it on someone else. Look at our economy in america; disgusting isn’t it? CHANGE IS NEEDED PEOPLE!

I was reminded of this when I was reading A Tale of Two Cities. People were so thrilled to se a man be punished in a court trial, just to make themselves feel super special, and good. Think of yourself before you blame others, and try not to be so gruesome and “humane.” 🙂




  1. Foley, go on google plus hangouts!!!
    By the way, nice post!!!!!!!! 🙂

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