A New Reindeer!?!?

funny-christmas-wallpapers-2-1024x768eeI’ve learned and re-learned this lesson a million times, but it never gets old.  BE ON TIME!!!!!!  I hear this every day from teachers, parents, coaches, etc. I always make sure I am on time to activities because it shows good planning and maturity. I know there is one guy who’s schedule is so busy that it is hard not to be late. SANTA CLAUS!

Santa is a very important character to children around the world, I am sure everybody knows who he is. I bet some children would be very sad if he showed up to there house late. I could see the faces of the kids, waiting at the top of the stairs all night anxiously waiting for Santa to walk to the tree with his bag full of presents, but he doesn’t come, and the children doze off into a deep sleep. The reason for this is because of the picture above.

The story of the 2013 Christmas Chronicles begins.

This Christmas is going smoothly so far already done with four continents there are three to go. Dasher had the most energy he has ever had on Christmas and then starts to feel drowsy. While on a roof top Dasher collapsed and started to cry. Santa came back out of the chimney and asked what happened to Dasher. Dasher confesses that he stole one of Santa’s Red Bulls out of his ice box and chugged it down before take off. This caused delays in Santa’s routine while traveling through the busy cities of USA. Santa had to compensate for the downed reindeer by throwing Dasher in his sleigh and making an inconvenient stop by the North Pole to switch out Dasher for a 2nd string reindeer called Versace. Versace was the very first pick of the 2013 draft out of The Sierra Nevada mountains, obviously the right reindeer for the job.  Versace’s take off, pulling, and gliding form was impeccable. He also was the strongest of the rookie reindeers, squating 225 lbs. for 13 repititions.  Versace was then strung to the sleigh and did the best reindeer work Santa has ever seen. Versace got the sleigh up to speed and ahead of schedule, getting all the presents delivered to the children around the world. Santa was so happy on the early finish this year, that out of celebration he cracked a cold one (a Diet Cherry Coke of course) by the fire back at the North Pole. Dasher was ashamed of what he did this Christmas and was sent to exile on the island of Greenland where he met his wife Jenny and had 3 children, who’s names were not told to us.cool-cartoon-santa-and-reindeer versace picAfter that beautiful Christmas with the failure of a veteran reindeer and the draft of a rookie, Santa Claus and Versace had a photo shoot. They made the cover of TMZ magazine and were the most talked about celebrities for days on end.

Be like Santa, he is on time, all the time. He also has a contingency plan when things go wrong.

And that my friends is the story of  how the new reindeer named Versace came to be.