The 5 P’s

best cornerSome of you may have watched the Super Bowl today. We all know the Broncos got completely obliterated by the Seahawks. While watching the game I noticed something quite obvious, THE BRONCOS WERE NOT PREPARED. I was once taught a phrase, The 5 P’s: Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. This is a great saying that I tell myself everyday so I know to prepare for everything I do. It is short, simple, and is straight forward. I say it over and over in my head while trying to conquer difficult tasks. I’ll tell you it works, these words motivate me, and drive me to be better.

We all wished we could have seen a better game between the Number 1 offense and Number 1 defense in the nation. I think that THE BEST CORNER IN THE GAME!!!got into Peyton’s head. We get what we get, and we can’t replay the Super Bowl, it has already been etched into history. Better luck next year to whoever you are rooting for, and may the best team win.


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