Working Hard!!! (Or Hardly Working?)


As I venture on through my High School career I have noticed many different things that have helped me in life. I always keep a positive outlook on life, I try to be a better person every day, and most of all I have noticed that hard work pays off in the end.

 For example I am most likely going to be staying up very late to finish my homework and studies tonight, so tomorrow can result in A’s in all my work. Being an athlete that swims for my schools swim team and plays club water polo three nights every week my normal day consists of wanting to sleep in every class. Why do you want to sleep so much? You ask? Well….

Lets take Tuesdays for example, I wake up at 4:30 AM for my 5:20 Am swim practice, which consists of lifting weights with a coach which is probably the definition of hell on earth. Then I go to all of my classes and struggle to stay awake, which doesn’t necessarily help my learning. Then after school I swim around 4,000 yards ( a mediocre amount for a swim practice) in a poorly maintained pool. Next on the list is going home, eating food, doing homework, (not finishing all of it) eating dinner, then going to a two hour water polo practice that starts at 7:30 PM. After my practice is over I usually cannot function due to the fact I have been awake for 18 hours already, so I usually blow off my unfinished homework and save it for the library the next morning.


As you can see it seems as though my normal day is the one thing that a high school student would NEVER want to do. I think to myself the same thing, Why do I do all this work? I work so hard in my life because I know that if I don’t work hard enough I will miss my chance to make it in life. Every minute of every day counts for your future, and if you slack off during a sprint, a homework assignment, or a shot, you are preparing yourself to fail when you need to succeed the most.

The one thing I tell myself the most is “Never Quit.” This is the most simple phrase you can say but it has so much individual meaning to each person in their life. It may be sports, grades, choir, or band, everyone has their own area in their life where they need to tell themselves, ” I can’t quit, not now, never.” But, there is always that voice telling you, “Quit… you won’t feel pain after you quit.” When you ignore that voice that is telling you to stop, you will overcome and be strengthened for the future.Image

I was going to quit my high school swim team this year. I am proud to say that I didn’t quit and swam in my first meet and went my best times ever in my races. I worked hard throughout the entire polo season and a few weeks of swim practice and I am now motivated to work even harder, and to go even faster. My coach even proves it to myself after I went my best times. He said, “You see that Dexter, that proves that with all those late nights and early mornings, you have gotten bigger and stronger, you can do it, YOU CAN DO IT.”

I am not telling you this story of my normal day to make you feel sorry for me. No, I wanted to tell you this because I know that everyone reading this has an issue in their life that they are trying to overcome. Everyone needs motivation and someone to help them to fight against the odds in life. If you want to succeed at some point you have to work harder every day, it’s as simple as that. Don’t hold anything back, don’t cry, complain, say it’s too hard, don’t even try…DO. Image

“Pain is nothing compared to what it feels like to quit.” – Anonymous



2 thoughts on “Working Hard!!! (Or Hardly Working?)

  1. And I thought I had it bad… Haha, good post! It was very motivational and I can tell you’re going to go far in life with that kind of attitude! Keep it up 🙂

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