Keep Others in your Thoughts

Every day I hear sirens from fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars. I used to ignore these sirens because they would do nothing but annoy me as I did my own things throughout the day. I have recently learned another outlook on sirens, a really great way to respond when you hear them.

My English teacher told my class that when you hear sirens it is important to have a moment of silence, sending all the people involved your thoughts and prayers. This is a very kind thing to do because instead of thinking only about yourself you are taking time away from your life to think and pray about others who are in need. You have no idea how serious the issue is when you hear sirens, but you know that someone is in trouble and needs to be helped right at that moment.

Instead of thinking me, me, me, it feels great to stop saying me, and saying “others” instead. I am guilty of thinking only about myself and I feel as though I have made a good start to a bigger change with my English teacher’s advice. This is just a small step in the journey of giving instead of receiving.



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