Take some Time( that most people don’t have) and LEARN!!!

I get caught up with all my activities in life that I sometimes forget to enjoy what I am doing and I become miserable while doing it. I sometimes feel like I am doing things just to get them over with. I don’t think I am taking the time to learn and get something out of what I enjoy doing most in life.

As a human it is natural for us to be insanely lazy and want to slack off just to be done with what we are doing. This is a bad habit that I and probably many of you reading this are guilty of.

I hate having this habit because I know that when I am doing homework or an activity just for the sake of getting it over with, I know that I am missing out on the chance to receive more knowledge and get smarter. I feel as though I am being even dumber for not paying attention the first time I go over something, because I will have to go over it later and actually learn it a second time.

I guess what I’m trying to say is take what is given to you in life and MAKE THE BEST OUT OF IT. I mean lets be honest, isn’t it so much fun to receive new information that allows you to enhance you knowledge of the world?


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