Live in the present

I never have actually realized how caught up humans can get in the future and not live in the present, in what you are doing at that moment. I have recently learned that I must focus completely on what I am doing, be it water polo, swim, hanging with friends, or surfing, I must enjoy what I am doing at that moment and not worry about other issues such as homework, social life, or grades.

I used to be super distracted during practice by worrying about my grades or other problems. I felt so miserable during my practices that i just wanted to leave and go fix that other problem. Thinking about these things is a huge distraction and takes away from what you should be enjoying the most.  I used to make mistakes and felt down about myself, realizing how late I would be staying up to do homework.

I have recently started to become less distracted by other issues when in the pool for practice. I feel so much more confident in myself during practice, and I have way more fun. Having fun is what its all about…Right?


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