The Italian Stallion

I recently just watched the first Rocky in my English class. I had seen it many times before and this has to be one of my favorite movies of all time. It shows a character who is a “nobody” who is given the chance to fight the world champion. You can see how Rocky is fearless throughout the movie, doing anything he wants.

Rocky falls in love with a pet shop worker named Adrian. Rocky loves pets, and has “exotic animals”in which Adrian showed him. The first date they go on together is at the ice skating rink in which Rocky rambles on about random things and Adrian is listing while she skates and Rocky runs on the ice. They go back to his house and Adrian is noticeably uncomfortable being in Rocky’s apartment. They end the date with a nice make out sesh next to Rocky’s fridge. 

After Rocky is called up to fight Apollo he starts to train and get in the best shape he can. This is when the owner of the club he fights at, Mick wants to help him out. Mick had done nothing for Rocky in previous years so when Mick asks to help Rocky wants nothing to do with him. when Mick walks away in a sad mood. Rocky runs to get him and lets Mick help him out. This shows a theme of forgiveness that Rocky has and how he can’t beat Apollo creed alone.

Mick trains Rocky harder everyday and Rocky’s bond with Adrian grows stronger. The fight approaches and Rocky cannot sleep the night before. He doesn’t want to beat Apollo, he only wants to go the distance with hi, all 15 rounds of fighting. 

The fight is packed with people and it is the most anticipated event of the day. Rocky comes out first in his Itallion Stallion robe looking very mean and ready to go. Apollo comes out looking like a complete joke in his USA Uncle Sam attire. Apollo knows it is just a show, Rocky thinks it is a fight.

Both men trade jabs back and forth. Rocky is taking more of a beating with his south paw fighting style. The fight goes on and on and both men’s faces are swollen and cut up.Rocky drops his hook on Apollo multiple times while Apollo’s jabs are stunning Rocky over and over.

Rocky is told by Mick to go for Apollo’s ribs, and Rocky does just that, attack Apollo’s ribs and delivers an insane beating. Rocky survives the 15 rounds and was the first guy to ever go the distance with Apollo creed.


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