Does a Community Affect One’s individuality???

“All I can do is be me… whoever that is…” A quote by Bob Dylan. It speaks to me in so many different ways. It reminds me of my individualism, and how were all unique from others. In the Scarlet Letter, we examined Hester, a mother with a sin, being judged by the community she lives in, and she was not happy about it. This affected her. she didn’t want to be seen, she was humiliated, and her individualism was crushed by a community of hateful people. On page 13 of the Book, Hester is Scared, and is afraid to be seen in a crowd. She gives off a sheltered, depressed personality. This was proven to be false when  in the end of the book, she was laughing. smiling, and being herself in the forest. The difference between these two scenarios is that one of them is in the community that makes her shame and mourn over what she did, and the other is a peaceful, secluded area. The book “The Self Illusion” by Bruce Hood in one section called “How The Tribe Made Me” is all about how the human race adapts to its surroundings, and makes due with what is there, or provided. The brain does this by constructing neurons upon neurons that send electrical connections thus making it easier to function in the COMMUNITY we live in. So ones individual self can be changed in a scientific matter when in a community. Especially if the community is a negative one. This picture of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader that I found on creative commons represents Individualism being affected by a community very well. Luke, a young farmer boy on Tatooine is embarking on a new adventure to become a Jedi. Luke’s community changed when he Joined Han Solo an Chewbacca. Luke became an outspoken hero as he embarked on that journey. BBN has affected my veiws on individuals vs. communities greatly. BBN has been a challenge, and a great community. It teaches me responsibility, and resilience.. What more could i ask for in a class. I’ve noticed change in my actions regarding responsibility. something about being in that intense community rubbed off on me, and I’m understanding how to see things more logically, and through a different eye. This high intensity in the program is brought on by the community we have in BBN. Well, it’s more of a Family at this point.

These are My friends at school, and they have influenced me as well. At FVHS, we are a community, with a bond. B4L. There is a difference in what we do when one of us messes up, than when Hester commits that “crime” of adultery, she is automatically shoved down to the bottom of the food chain, and gets no respect. Pearl, her daughter, the child of the offense even got more respect

Another Community that has affected my individuality has been the water polo community. I love my high school team, and my club team. it’s the most fun I could ask for. It shapes me to be a sarcastic jokester, with a good work ethic. at least in the water! My school work could use a little work…

Overall, A community, in my opinion, affects one’s individuality greatly. I have personal experiences, to back this up as true. 


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