A World Where Someone Hands You a Microphone and Says “Speak Up”



Sitting on my bed listening to a podcast where Seth Godin speaks about many points can be enlightening. Going into it I was not sure what to expect, and why we had to listen to this podcast in particular, but now I understand why. His points, morals, theories, and beliefs all can relate to what we/I do  in English class,

The title of this post was something said by Godin during his interview, and i believe i possess this quality in class. We live in a world where young adults have a voice. The Microphone, as I see it, is being handed to me from Mr. Ziebarth, and i utilize this microphone by posting on both of my blogs, discussing underlying ideas in class with my peers, and writing essays every week. What i like about the class is that its very opinionated. You can write about whatever you want, say whatever you want, as long as it is appropriate. Excelling at “out there” ideas and good essays and blog posts comes with a cost, which brings me to my next point. Godin stated at one point that repetitive failure will lead to success. I have failed countless times in Mr. Z’s class, especially on the morphemes. Progressing through the semester, I know I have had a huge turn around in effort, and work completion, I am living evidence of his point. I succeed greatly now, and feel like I have showed huge improvements.

The point of Failure will lead to success however is not all fun and games This point Interests me the most, and tugs on the many strings in my mind. You still have to work , and push at everything you do in life. Even though I know I have succeeded in the past month or two, I need to keep it up. I do need to work on something that was powerful. He said that you need to take bigger risks, and make more mistakes to make a bigger impact. I don’t really raise my hand a lot in class, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I’m the Jock in the class who’s bound to say something dumb, but that doesn’t matter. I need to adopt these principals and take bigger risks to make a large impact on the class. If i can do that, My improvement will be huge.

I disagreed with few of Godin’s points. The only one I was skeptical about was the things he had to say about tribes. No, I don’t believe you can fly across the world to find someone who acts, and talks, and understands you completely. Thats the beauty of humanity. everyone is different.

Overall, Godin’s interview was inspirational. I’m glad I had a chance to listen to it


-Connor. . .


Does a Community Affect One’s individuality???

“All I can do is be me… whoever that is…” A quote by Bob Dylan. It speaks to me in so many different ways. It reminds me of my individualism, and how were all unique from others. In the Scarlet Letter, we examined Hester, a mother with a sin, being judged by the community she lives in, and she was not happy about it. This affected her. she didn’t want to be seen, she was humiliated, and her individualism was crushed by a community of hateful people. On page 13 of the Book, Hester is Scared, and is afraid to be seen in a crowd. She gives off a sheltered, depressed personality. This was proven to be false when  in the end of the book, she was laughing. smiling, and being herself in the forest. The difference between these two scenarios is that one of them is in the community that makes her shame and mourn over what she did, and the other is a peaceful, secluded area. The book “The Self Illusion” by Bruce Hood in one section called “How The Tribe Made Me” is all about how the human race adapts to its surroundings, and makes due with what is there, or provided. The brain does this by constructing neurons upon neurons that send electrical connections thus making it easier to function in the COMMUNITY we live in. Continue reading

Poggum- The Adventure.

It’s time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.

ImageAfter doing the innovation project, I feel 100% this way… It’s time to say goodbye to Poggum, and start a new. Poggum, however, has taught me so much. It’s helped me on my work ethics, my self esteem, and it’s taught me a lot about friendship. it has brought  Kyle and i together as closer bros, AND IT MAKES PEOPLE LAUGH. I have learned so much from this, and I’m so exited to do another innovation project junior year in ap

When You’re Bored-

He was standing on a beach. Gazing out on the water, he inhaled, and exhaled the salty air almost simultaneously as the sun set upon the pacific horizon line. He had no idea of the upcoming event that would change his life for the better. Driving home, he reminisced upon his childhood memories, and all the issues he had as a boy. Daydreaming, he kept driving and he missed his street. Consequently, he ran out of gas, and needed to walk to the nearest station. when he arrived, he opened the door to the food mart, in a rush he looked down and said, ” can I get 20 on pump 4 please?” He looked up at the cashier and was surprised to see a man of fair complexion pointing a gun at the cashier. The man looked about six foot, and was wearing a black beanie, with a very thick mustache. the strange man looked confused and troubled, and very upset.  He calmly looked a the man with the gun and said,” why?” that simple word caused the man to cry and put down the gun. The man begged him not to call the police, he exclaimed that he was in a very tough place in his life, and he had no other choice but to rob a store, because his newly born son was in the hospital, and needed major surgery. Understanding that, the man went on his way. he eventually got his gas, an drove home to see hi wife and kids and realized how fortunate he is… he looked at his wife, than at his kids, and back to his wife and said, ” i love you, and Im so glad to have you in my life, without you, it wouldn’t be the same, and i appreciate you for all you are.” We should all appreciate.