When You’re Bored-

He was standing on a beach. Gazing out on the water, he inhaled, and exhaled the salty air almost simultaneously as the sun set upon the pacific horizon line. He had no idea of the upcoming event that would change his life for the better. Driving home, he reminisced upon his childhood memories, and all the issues he had as a boy. Daydreaming, he kept driving and he missed his street. Consequently, he ran out of gas, and needed to walk to the nearest station. when he arrived, he opened the door to the food mart, in a rush he looked down and said, ” can I get 20 on pump 4 please?” He looked up at the cashier and was surprised to see a man of fair complexion pointing a gun at the cashier. The man looked about six foot, and was wearing a black beanie, with a very thick mustache. the strange man looked confused and troubled, and very upset.  He calmly looked a the man with the gun and said,” why?” that simple word caused the man to cry and put down the gun. The man begged him not to call the police, he exclaimed that he was in a very tough place in his life, and he had no other choice but to rob a store, because his newly born son was in the hospital, and needed major surgery. Understanding that, the man went on his way. he eventually got his gas, an drove home to see hi wife and kids and realized how fortunate he is… he looked at his wife, than at his kids, and back to his wife and said, ” i love you, and Im so glad to have you in my life, without you, it wouldn’t be the same, and i appreciate you for all you are.” We should all appreciate.




Take some Time( that most people don’t have) and LEARN!!!

I get caught up with all my activities in life that I sometimes forget to enjoy what I am doing and I become miserable while doing it. I sometimes feel like I am doing things just to get them over with. I don’t think I am taking the time to learn and get something out of what I enjoy doing most in life. Continue reading

Working Hard!!! (Or Hardly Working?)


As I venture on through my High School career I have noticed many different things that have helped me in life. I always keep a positive outlook on life, I try to be a better person every day, and most of all I have noticed that hard work pays off in the end.

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WWI Poetry at its Finest

20140305-191724.jpgDrunk with fatigue,

many had lost their boots.

I shudder as I see a man,devil sick of sin.

You grin as you pass. Continue reading

Liam Neesons: What about Non Stop Though

Non Stop Though

As many of you may know Liam Neeson is one awesome actor. All of the movie he stars in are action packed, and he kicks peoples asses in all of them. I’m sure all of you have at least seen one of his movies (probably Taken), I encourage you to see more of them.

His new movie that is coming out is called Non Stop. I CANNOT WAIT to see this movie, neither can Key and Peele.